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Zenithink ZT280 series tablet FAQ

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Frequancy Asked Questions:

1. How to add a desktop shortcut icon?

Click the middle icon of the three icons in the right side, find your installed application icon, click it and do not let go your hand, wait a few seconds, it will appear on your desktop. Click it again and do not let go your hand, then you can drag it to where you want to place it.

2. How to delete desktop shortcut icon?

Click the icon which you want to delete and do not let go your finger, then you see it get bigger, drag it to the dustbin in right side.

3. How to install software?

The postfix of the software must be "apk", copy it into U-disk or TF-card, then connect it with tablet, find the software package. Click it and follow the instruction to install it.

4. How to uninstall software?

Click "settings" -- application -- manage applications -- find the software which you want to uninstall, click it. Then follow the instruction, click "uninstall" -- click "ok".

5. How to install Input Method Software?

(1) When finish the installation of Input Method Software, click "settings" -- "language & keyboard", then click the Input Method you have just installed, click it to close the page when finished.

(2) Click "browser", click the input box, when you see the keyboard, click the input box a little longer, when you see "edit text", click the "Input Method" , then click the Input Method you just installed, press the backspace key to return.

(3) Re-click the input box and then you can use your Input Method just installed.

6. F1 Function key

F1 Function key is the rightmost icon in the status bar of the screen, in many interfaces, press this icon, some function menu of the current software will appear. This key can also be the right key of the top shell.

7. How to change language?

Click "setting"--"language & keyboard" -- "select locale"-- then drag it upwards or downwards to find your language, and then click it.

8. How to connect WIFI?

Click "settings"-- "wireless & networks" -- activate "WIFI & WIFI settings" -- find the wireless router you want to connect -- input the passwords -- connect.

9. The procedure of connect the tablet PC with computer?

(1) Use the OTG-USB cable to connect the tablet PC and computer.

(2) When the USB icon appears on the status bar, pull down the status bar.

(3) Click "USB connected", turn on the USB storage.

(4) Then you can see the file of tablet pc in your computer.

10. How to connect tablet with TV?

(1) Use the mini-HDMI cable to connect the tablet with TV.

(2) When the HDMI icon appears on the status bar, pull down the status bar.

(3) Click "HDMI switch" then choose one among them.

   HDMI 480P

   HDMI 720P

   HDMI 1080P

Then you can see the computer screen on TV screen.

11. How to overtime the tablet standby time?

(1) Close WLAN, camera, browser and other function, when program is finished, user can press backspace key to exit.

(2) When program is finished, shut down the screen for saving power.

(3) If play video or navigate for a long time, please connect the charger at best.

(4) Set the time of lock screen automatically to 15 seconds.

(5) According to your actual demand adjust the screen brightness (low brightness can save power).

12. The burning procedures of the ZT180 using TF Card

(1) Create a file in your root directory of TF card,and name it "ZT-update"

(2) Unrar the burning package and Copy files into ZT-update in the TF card.

(3) Insert TF card into the TF card slot.

(4) Connect the charger.

(5) Press left side of function key, do not let go your hand, then press the power-on menu(when you see something on the screen appear, let go your hands).

(6) Follow the instructions appeared on the screen, the device will do the upgrade and restart by itself.

13. 3G dongles which zt180 can support?

evdo: ZTE MF110, HUAWEI EC122, HUAWEI EC189, Qualcomm...

wcdma: ZTE AC581, HUAWEI E1750, HUAWEI E1752...

14. How to connect USB 3G dongle?

(1) Insert the 3G USB dongle, click "settings" -- "wireless& networks"

(2) Disconnect any wireless 

(3) Click to turn on 3G, choose which model you want EVDO or WCDMA, save it, then shut the tablet down, then restart it.

(4) Wait until the wireless signal icon changed (about 15 seconds), until the 3G icon appear.

(5) Return to desktop, you can surf the net.